Pak-Man Kookies
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Pak-Man Kookies #3 (f) Kookie cut x Pak-Man Kookies #6 (m) Suicide cut

(Girl Scout Cookies (f) x Hindu Kush x Space Ghost [alien og x tangerine power] (m))

Varietal type: 60/40 Sat Hybrid (F2) Gender: Reg. Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD Flowering: 67 - 75 days Yield: Med - High Height: Medium - Tall Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor Outdoor Climate: Hot Temperate Smell: Sweet, lemon, berry shortbread cookies, earthy, lavender, pine, dank, extraction gem Characteristics: Strong sturdy branching to support the huge yielding sativa bud structure, hearty strain, layered with icy trichomes, good internodal spacing

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